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This page exists to help you manage your preferences with Chemist 4 U. Click "refine" below to opt in or opt out of various services we offer. If you are logged in, you may also visit the notifications panel in your account dashboard.

Type   Description
We only capture the most basic information needed to order products or retain your preferences. A cookie is stored in your browser to retain these details. Since we are unable to process orders without this, acceptance is assumed through use of the site.

This is currently unused but is reserved for future use.

In order to understand site usage, acceptance allows us to pass additional data to identify users on our website analytics platform for internal use. This is currently unused. All website data is stripped of personally identifiable information before being passed to our analytics platform.

Acceptance opts users into optional website features such as our email reminder service. These services can be opted out of at any point by updating your notification preferences in your account dashboard or by calling customer services. Services can include Facebook and Google ads based on the products you have looked at